Weenie O’ahu

Bust out the leis and hula skirts: it's Weenie O'ahu time. Our 26 beautiful new Weenies arrived at the Tejas house Saturday night for our semesterly celebration to nothing but cheers and love. The house was packed, music was blaring, and the dance floor was hoppin', making this a party a rainstorm couldn't even stop. … Continue reading Weenie O’ahu

Weenie O’ahu

This past weekend was crazy for the new Weenies. They had a long list of a million things to do, but we are so proud of them for pulling through! In celebration for their new found Weeniehood, Tejas Club threw their bi-annual Weenie O'ahu party! Each semester Tejas Club and Texas Spirits throw this party … Continue reading Weenie O’ahu

Weenie Oahu…Mercy Style

Weenies are finally here! After weeks of recruitment, we have 25 beautiful new future Texas Spirits. We spent the weekend welcoming them into the organization and celebrating their hard work. The Tejas Club hosted a fabulous party for all Spirits and our guests this past Saturday. This semesterly party called “Weenie Oahu” is luau themed. Guests come … Continue reading Weenie Oahu…Mercy Style

Weenie O’Ahu

Aloha to the new WEENIES! On February 19th, Spirits, Tejas, and friends came out to congratulate and welcome the new Spring '11 Weenies. The dance floor was packed with people dressed in colorful Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts. Everyone dub-stepped and dougied as DJ Dub Zero worked his magic. At the stroke of midnight, the long awaited Weenie dance … Continue reading Weenie O’Ahu