Tap-Out Spotlight: Courtney Clutter

What was your best memory of Texas Spirits?C: Tap In. It felt amazing to be instantly welcomed into a sisterhood and to experience the traditions of Texas Spirits.What is your favorite event?C: Destination Unknown.What have you benefitted from Texas Spirits?C: I've found my best friends and the women who will be my bridesmaids.Who would you …

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Tap-Out Spotlight: Kyndal Henicke

What inspired you to try out for Spirits?Texas Spirits was the first spirit organization I came in contact with at freshman orientation, and from then on I was continually drawn to this group. However, it wasn't until I spoke with two Spirits at the Starbucks Social after First Reception that I knew that I wanted …

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Tap Out Spotlights: Rachel Platis and Nicole Dietze

Meet one of this semester's Tap-Outs, Rachel Platis. When asked about her favorite Spirits memory she responded, “Gosh there are so many, I can't choose just one! Something hilarious and weird has pretty much happened on every single date event I've ever been to (I tend to pick winners!) I love thinking back to Weenie …

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