Initiation Brunch 2014

                                                 "You've been scarved!" Here at Texas Spirits we like to have brunch as a family. At the end of every semester we enjoy brunch at Iron Cactus to celebrate some special …

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Fall 2013 Initiation Brunch

Initiation Brunch is always a much anticipated event for Texas Spirits. It is held at Iron Cactus and there is a buffet that is all kinds of wonderful and Spirits come ready to feast. But more importantly, Initiation Brunch is when the Weenies get their scarves and officially become JIs. The scarfing ceremony is an …

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Spring 2013 Initiation Brunch

With the end of the semester wrapping up, students are studying, the sun is coming out, and Weenies are getting their scarves! After a night full of secrets, rituals, and tradition, Weenies become official members of Texas Spirits. The next morning Actives, JIs, and Weenies alike all wake up early for Initiation Brunch.Served buffet style …

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