Midnight Drag Wars

Every semester the Texas Spirits divide up into teams based on pledge classes and compete in the ultimate drag paint competition - MIDNIGHT DRAG WARS! At midnight on the night of April 14th, Spirits grabbed their paint and brushes and hit the drag. Each group of girls, excited by the competitive fun, worked together to …

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Prospective Drag Paint

This past Sunday, Spring 2013 prospective members got to come out and participate in one of Texas Spirits' oldest traditions. Painting the drag is something that the Spirits have been doing since the 1950s. Today, Spirits paint windows on the Drag every Sunday night announcing upcoming sporting events, campus events, and more. Spirits are lucky …

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Midnight Drag Wars: Spring 2012 Edition

Soon after Haunt Jaunt, late Sunday night, each class gathered at their assigned window and participated in Midnight Drag Paint Wars. Each class frantically came up with a creative idea and put their best painters forward as they competed for first place. In the end, it was the weenies of Spring 2012 who were victorious! …

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