Destination Unknown 2013: Sea World

The ladies of Texas Spirits woke up bright and early last Saturday morning to meet at a set location in West Campus with bags and coolers in hand, but only the Special Haunts, Sierra and Ashley, knew where they were headed! Spirits were told to pack swim suits, towels, and a change of clothes, but …

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Destination Unknown

Texas Spirits got ready for the unknown on Saturday, March 31st, excited for whatever our lovely Special Projects Haunts, Ari & Cynthia, had planned for Destination Unknown 2012. Bright and early on that beautiful sunny Saturday, Spirits and their dates piled onto the buses that would take us to our first destination of the day. …

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Enjoying Summer… Remembering Destination Unknown

Spirits Explore The Unknown at DU!On April 16, 2011, Texas Spirits and their dates boarded three buses at 10:30 a.m. and dared to go into the unknown. Destination Unknown is a yearly, all-day social event, and the details of where Spirits are going and what they’ll be doing are kept secret by the Special Project …

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