Spirit of the Week: Alexandra O’Gorman

Meet this week’s SOTW: Alex!

Despite being so new to the org (she’s a Fall ’17 weenie!), she has been on three committees already in her brief time as a Spirit! She is such a wonderful help and is always the first to volunteer her time and energy. We are beyond blessed to have her as a JI and cannot wait to see how she continues to grow in Spirits!

Read more below!

Favorite Spirits event?

Obviously my favorite event is the one where we get to eat a truly gargantuan amount of food for FREE: Initiation Brunch. I am literally one of the cheapest people alive (thanks Mom you raised me right) so any amount of free food is my dream come true. I am also a big fan of brunch since my hometown is not cultured enough for the brunch scene so I was only recently exposed to it. Theres also the stuff about weenies getting scarved and spending quality time with your friends/fam I GUESS.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is more of I don’t have a style, and like to test how far I can go into being really unfashionable in order to trick people into thinking I’m fashionable again. For example, my reflective light pink tracksuit that I break out for special occasions: Is it haute couture? Or just really ugly? You decide.

What is your drink of choice?

If you know me you might know that I am a die-hard Dr Pepper drinker. Unfortunately, this conflicts with my New Year’s resolution to give up soda, as well as pretty much every diet I’ve fooled myself into trying in the last 2 years. It’s one thing to give up bread or whatever people do, and another to give up the one thing in life that brings me joy (aka Dr. Pepper.)

Thank you so much, Alex!


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