Spirit of the Week: Katherine Murphy

Meet this week’s SOTW: Katherine Murphy (more affectionately known as KatMurp!)

She’s our resident meme queen and one of the most loving Fall ’16 weenies. KatMurp dedicates so much of her time to loving her friends and helping out with our philanthropic events- we’d be lost without her! We’re so excited to finally spotlight this wonderful, deserving gal.

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Favorite boy group?

I’m pretty confident that I’ve never met a Blazer who I didn’t like, but given this unique opportunity to voice my opinions in such a widely circulated blog post, I would truly be remiss to not mention the Tejas club. With members like Mohammad Syed and his intelligence that knows no bounds, Drew Curran and his quick wit/stellar music taste, and Hasan Syed and his incredible hair that are currently taking Europe by storm, the club has quickly become the Harvard of UT.

Talk about a Spirit you admire.

Maria + Syd + Zia: I think love is the way Zia’s whole face lights up during any holiday, Maria’s innate ability to find joy in Tuesday evenings and flannel shirts, and Sydney’s tendency to end up at a coffee shop every Sunday morning. It’s the realization that if I had to encompass everything good and kind and lovely about the world in a few words, I would talk about Zia, Maria, and Sydney. It’s living the majority of the past year with these girls in the passenger seats of my car and becoming all too aware of their brilliance and how selfish it would be to keep it all to myself. I really don’t know what I did to deserve this chance to witness these 3 shake the world up a little bit, but I’m forever grateful.

Soph + Erin + RachOgle: If I ever had the opportunity to watch my life as a movie, I hope the majority of the scenes would depict afternoons spent running at an entirely mediocre pace, evenings spent laughing/eating cereal for dinner on Sophie’s red couch, and late nights spent driving with the windows down. I hardly know how to convey how overwhelmingly happy and loved I feel when we’re together, but somehow ordinary moments don’t feel so ordinary when I’m with them.

Go-to pump up song?

Gamba x Brockhampton, but if you want something that’s a little less profane, I highly recommend Drugs x Lil Aaron.

We love you so much, Katherine!


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