Spirit of the Week: Kelly Nwonuma

Meet this week’s SOTW: Kelly!

Our beloved Vice Haunt ’17 has continually shown us what it means to be a fired up Texas Spirit. Despite serving on GC ’17, she has been on five other committees in her time in this organization and always makes time for her ghoulfam weekly dinners. Kelly is radiant inside and out, and we are the luckiest org to have her. She calls Texas Spirits her home on campus, but it’s safe to say that we have all found our home in her.

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Talk about a Spirit you admire.

Dorna Abdi is the spirit I admire! Yes, she’s also my ghoul friend. She is incredibly uplifting, funny, wicked smart, always willing to come pick me up when I don’t feel like walking, and take my calls and listen to me. Everyone go find yourself a Dorna!

Favorite Spirits event?

This is hard y’all I love everything. I’m going to call a 3-way tie between Tap-In, WAM, and Weenie Beanie. Tap-In makes me cry every semester because I love seeing Weenies’ faces when they first get introduced to the tradition. WAM (Weenie-Active-Mixer) is such a fun way for older actives to get back in touch with their Weenie dance from the semester they got in and connect us to the newest Weenie class. Weenie Beanie I love because I am always ready to bring a new baby into Smart Fam.

Drink of choice?

Arnold Palmer— iced tea with lemonade 🙂

Thank you so much for everything you do, Kelly!


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