Spirit of the Week: Aashima Garg

Meet this week’s SOTW: Aashima Garg!

This Fall ’15 weenie has time and time again shown us all what it means to stay fired up as a Texas Spirit. Winner of Best Friendship Active last semester, Aashima constantly loves on the girls in this organization despite her incredibly busy schedule. Her involvement inspires us all and we are so excited to give her the spotlight she so deserves!

Talk about a Spirit you admire.

It’s really hard for me to pick just one Spirit, because I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many role-models and mentors in this organization (s/o Spring 16 tap-outs and the Pepper Spray Gals), but I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Nikita Ahuja better recently… and this girl is incredible. Long story short – Nik completely changed her career path post-graduation and is now not only doing something she loves, but is also making time to pursue personal goals! Through her experience, honesty, and endless love, Nikita uniquely taught me (1) it’s never okay to settle (2) to prioritize happiness (3) hard work pays off.

Favorite Spirits event?

My favorite Spirits event is definitely our tradition of volunteering at Amy’s Ice-cream to make chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. The first year I volunteered for strawberry dipping, I worked with Riddhi Patodia throughout our 8 hour shift, and I’ll never forget how fun it was to get to know her. We met the cutest abuelitas and sneakily ate a couple strawberries with them!

Go-to pump up song?

This definitely changes frequently, but I’m currently listening to Hailee Steinfeld. She makes me feel like nothing can bring me (and the other 4 billion women in this world) down.

We love you so much, Aashima!



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