Spirit of the Week: Zia Lyle

Meet this week’s SOTW: Zia Lyle!

We are so excited to spotlight our Spring ’17 weenie, Zia Lyle. She has been so involved and gives 110% to this organization. Any active can attest to how much she brightens all our days with her warm smile and lovely personality!

Find out more about what makes her such a radiant Spirit!

Favorite Spirits event?

Weenie Beanie! I love how creative the costumes are and how much excitement and joy the day holds. My ghoulfam is full of goofy, kind, spirited women so this day will always hold a special place in my heart.

Talk about a Spirit you admire.

The amazing thing about a group of women like Spirits, is that there are so many different connections you can make with one another and so many reasons to admire every person in this organization. The Spirits I admire most are Aparna Chandrashekar, Katherine Murphy, and Maria Krychniak.
Aparna is my mentor in all things, from encouraging me to apply to Spirits, to helping me navigate the civil engineering-Plan II degree plan, to motivating me to use this major combination to help others, and to guiding me through my first semester in Spirits as my weenie mom.
Katherine makes me laugh and when I’m with her I always feel comfortable. She inspires me to go big and do the “extra” thing when showing someone I care because why not?
Maria, my ghoul friend/big and one of my best friends, has taught me so much about unconditional love and how to find happiness in the smallest of moments. If anyone asks me to describe what Spirits is all about, I’d tell them to talk to Maria for 5 minutes. I’m so lucky to get to experience life with her.

What is one food you could eat for the rest of your life?

Kerbey Lane migas with queso!

Thanks for all you do, Zia!



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