Presenting: The Fall 2014 Weenie Class!

After weeks of recruitment, we finally got to have our Tap In ceremony in the Tower to welcome these 26 beautiful ladies to the Tradition! 
Congratulations to all of you!

Texas Spirits is proud to introduce our Fall 2014 Weenies!

Ali de Jong 

Angela Montalvo

Angie Choudhury

Anisha Srivastava

Beeta Salsabilian

Brenna Embry

Brook Chambers

Emma Martin

Gracie Hopkins

Helena Castle

Jacquelyn Clark

​Jen Tan​

Jessica Wilczek

Jorden Jolley

Kayla Blanchard

Liz Schasel

Mallory Sico

Melissa Tolle

Michelle Stockton

Mikaela Casas

Paige Parent

Riddhi Patodia

Sarah Roberts

Shelbie Embrey

Tori Hardebeck

Victoria Garabedian

Welcome to the tradition! CIWY!

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