Weenie of the Week: Olivia Arena

Name: Olivia Arena
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Plan II Urban Studies and International Studies
What are your favorite thing about Texas Spirits?
My favorite thing about Texas Spirits so far is having the opportunity to get involved in a uniquely Texas way. I never thought I would become so invested in Texas traditions. From painting the Drag to sitting next to the band at football games, Spirits has afforded me the ability to get involved in the culture of a large state school. At the alumni tailgate I was flipping through albums of Spirits from the 90s, and I recognized that same black Weenie shirt. There is something exciting about being a part of a living tradition, and it makes me feel connected to my Weenies, the Actives, and all the Spirits who have passed through Texas.
Why are you excited to receive your scarf?
I am most excited about the ability to be a recognizable part of the organization. The scarf is a representation of complete Spirit-ness, so I am just excited to be able to enjoy all the traditions of the Texas Spirits before me.
Congratulations, Olivia! CIWY

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