Tap-Out Spotlight: Kelly Bahng

Our next tapout spotlight is Kelly Bahng! Kelly is a Fall ’10 weenie, majoring in Public Health. Although she isn’t planning to graduate until Fall of 2013, Kelly is tapping out now, so that she can study abroad in Paris in the fall and complete her Archer fellowship in D.C. (hopefully working on the healthcare reform) in the spring. We will be so proud to call Kelly a Texas Spirits’ alum as she does all of these great things next year!
            Kelly’s favorite memory with her Fall ’10 loves was PJrama when all of the weenies were just getting to know one another. And she says her favorite Spirits tradition is “wearing out lovely scarves to games and other UT events. It makes us stand out as to who’s a Spirit and it embodies all that we represent: Spirit, Love, Service and Friendship.”
            Kelly knows she will take with her after tapping out, all of her precious memories from weeniehood, dear friendships she’s formed with well rounded young women and the confidence she’s gained from being surrounded by other confident and accomplished Spirits. She leaves behind this advice for current Spirits:
Never be scared to branch out, explore, and try things you won’t be able to do post-undergrad. UT offers resources and opportunities not found elsewhere and being in Spirits, you have even more connections and the best part is, EVERY SPIRIT is so accomplished and wonderful. Also, one thing I love about Spirits is how diverse everyone is. Take the time to get to know girls who aren’t in your pledge class, too. Reach out and take advantage of your time here, because before you know it, you’ll be tapping out and you want to feel that you’ve done everything you’ve wanted to do. Make sure you won’t look back and regret.”
            We love you Kelly and wish you nothing but the best in all of your adventures next year!


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