Texas Spirits Spring 2011 Recruitment

As the semester begins, so does our recruitment process! Spirits tabled the first two weeks of school to get the word out about our organization to interested girls. The Recruitment Committee also worked hard posting flyers throughout campus and in local businesses and restaurants. These recruitment efforts as well as many others including a Pluckers profit-share the night before First Reception, helped us to receive 186 applications this Spring – and what a great pool of girls they are!

First Reception was held in the Texas Union Ballroom (photos below) where interested girls learned more about the try-out process, got some background history about our organization, and received their applications.

Following First Reception was a Starbucks Social and an Austin’s Pizza meet-and-great the following Thursday night. 
Second Reception was held Wednesday, February 2nd for those girls who passed through to the second round. This semester, Texas Spirits brought back an old tradition and performed a skit during the reception to better explain what we are all about. The skit was absolutely fantastic – thanks to all of the dedicated Spirits who helped put it together, you were awesome! 
Following Second Reception another meet-and-great was held at Juicy Tart (yes, even in the 20 degree weather!) where girls got to mingle and sing along to karaoke! It was a blast for all the girls that came out and was a great way to get to see a more fun side of everyone!
Congratulations to all of the girls going through our try-out process – we know how much hard work it is and we are looking forward to getting our new Weenies soon! 

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